The horrific pain began when I was just 14 years

I began suffering from chronic migraine headaches..

They would be so nauseating that my vision would go blurry and I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I thought what I was experiencing was normal because my mother had suffered for years with migraines.

But the truth is that the migraines were only just a sign of what was to come.

This Downward Spiral of Pain Was Nearly 13-years in the Making..

Little did I know - my mysterious pain was very common which thousands of people suffer with on a daily basis.. fibromyalgia.


The symptoms only accelerated when I entered college.


I can vividly remember periods of brain fog and fatigue that would normally last for 4-5 days in a row.


All I Could do to Keep the Symptoms Down Was to Sleep


And as you could imagine, constant sleep and college don’t mix.


My Doctors would continually test me at least one time per year, trying to pin-point some sort of pathology in my blood tests. They kept thinking I had Mono.

But Every Time They Did Test - Results Showed Nothing..

I pressed forward, believing when they said, “you’ll grow out of this.”


My patience ran out when I was on a senior hiking trip in Nepal.

It was wonderful making our way through the Annapurna trek. 


I have a bit of a competitive personality and out of 25 plus hikers, I was always among the first three to reach the destination at the end of the day.


After a few days of trekking, my knee began to hurt, really hurt. 


Although, I had not injured it in any way, I could barely walk. 


Since this was a dirt path which wound through small villages, there was no way to get me down the mountain other than hobbling along or putting me on the back of a burro. 


I chose to hobble along with a walking stick.


It was one of the most miserable and confusing experiences with my ever worsening condition. 


I was now far behind the rest of the group with my own Sherpa and absolutely no idea why my body had given out on me.


It is likely that I enrolled in Naturopathic Medical School because of my own health issues and interest in natural remedies.

Did I also mention that I was completely desperate on finding anything that would help me not only alleviate, but FIX MY PAIN..

I remember pleading to my Doctor, “I am 24 years old, I should be able to go to school, work and have fun with my friends.”


All my Doctor could offer, was, “Yes, you should.”


My lowest point came after I had my first child.


I ate whatever I wanted while I was pregnant and rested a lot.

I probably got through only because I wasn’t working or going to school and could sleep as much as I needed to. 


The birth was horrible. 


No one could have guessed that he was going to be 10lbs and 10oz! 


Consequently, I lost a lot of blood to the point that I passed out on the way to the bathroom in the hospital and they had to revive me using salts.

When I got home things did not improve..

I basically sat in the rocking chair all day and my husband would bring me food. 


Any attempt to walk around was met with extreme dizziness and breathlessness.   


I now know that none of this was a “normal” part of having a baby.


The first few years of Keenan’s life, I was tired, really tired and irritable.  Tiny things would make me snap at him. 


I often felt like a terrible mother. 


We would nap every afternoon for hours, I needed it just as much as he did!

Thankfully, my mother was about to discover something that would put us both on the road to better health

My mother came across something that the Chinese believed, put simply, “To fix your face, fix your stomach”.  They believed that your skin is a reflection of what is happening inside your body, most specifically in your digestive tract.


We also now know that approximately 80% of our immune systems are located in our digestive tracts.

So, after 10 years of having the most severe lupus rash I have ever seen in person, she began to research foods that heal your digestion.


She found a food out in California that was selling out at local farmer’s markets.  She mail-ordered it and had it sent to South Dakota. It was raw fermented sauerkraut.


She began eating it three times a day and noticed a difference in a few days in her skin. In 10 days the rash she had for 10 years went away and it has never come back.


It was a food I immediately started incorporating in my own family. I also started making it and teaching others how to make it as well.

It was one of those foods that once you had in your life, you couldn't do without..

This was our turning point but we had to learn much more before we had significant improvement.  Our symptoms improved, some of them, like our headaches, seemed to dramatically improve overnight and others took much longer.


Over our many years of being sick, my mother and I have relied a lot on herbs to keep our most serious symptoms under control, as well as treat illnesses in our family. 


My mother even began to develop a reputation for her knowledge and people would call and come over and sit at the counter for hours asking about herbs for their various ailments. She never charged people and often gave away 100’s of dollars of herbs away for free.

People began to hear about our success in addressing our own symptoms and people with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and all sorts of autoimmune disease issues began to come..

People who suffered from extreme fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, brain fog, insomnia, and restless leg syndrome. People who often could not function on a daily basis.


One person was a busy homeschooling mom, named Christina, from Wyoming and her husband was a pharmacist.

I met Christina and her husband on my first speaking tour to Wyoming.  Before meeting her I had no idea that she had read the book or that she had taken the ball and run with it!  She jumped right into making kefir, sauerkraut, bone broths and more.  Her results have been remarkable and she has helped so many others begin their journey with these healing foods.  Christina has also started a local group called Nourishing the Basin dedicated to making these healthful foods more available in her area. –Kristin

Our neighbor Karie Kinney was another person who although not diagnosed with Fibromyalgia was experiencing many of the same symptoms.

My body needed real food. My family needed real food. My beautiful, healthy family is now thriving and doing better than ever. I am so happy to have my life back - to feel like me again.

I will never have the words to thank the Brockley family enough but I will say it again - THANK YOU!!

It was years more before we began to put the rest of the puzzle together, before we understand that our bodies were essentially starving because although we ate better than 90% of the people we knew, my body could not access it.  As we made changes, my symptoms one by one began to improve or go away.

My headaches were the first thing to drastically improve..

During my worst times I was having several headaches a week.  It affected everyone in my life.  They were excruciating, sometimes my vision would grow fuzzy indicating that it was turning into a migraine.  As I improved, I would get one a month usually around my cycle.

My angry outbursts were next. Small things didn’t get to me anymore, I became a calmer happier mother to my children.

My energy improved to where I wasn’t napping every day anymore.

Here's How You Can Take Control of your Chronic Pain and go from Exasperated and Helpless to a Life of Well-being and Abundant Health?

You read this far because you are concerned.. You are concerned, either for your own health or the health of a loved one.

Well first and foremost, let us assure you that you are not alone in your struggle and pain.

Within the past 5-years alone, we have helped and coached hundreds, if not thousands of sufferers of Fibromyalgia and other systemic and autoimmune diseases (it’s a long list).

The previous story just read is 100% true and I am in-deed lucky to be alive and free of Fibromyalgia today.

The steps that we are about to share with you are the same steps that have allowed others to take back their health before being affected by fibromyalgia.

But first, it is of the utmost importance to identify the root problem of Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune conditions..

The root problem of fibromyalgia resides in basic biological and chemical processes within our digestive and endocrine systems.

We will break this down into layman’s terms….

The root cause of fibromyalgia is a lack of dietary enzymes called protease. Proteases are made in the pancreas and their job is to break down all the dietary proteins we eat. Studies show that fibromyalgia patients lack these enzymes.


Without protease we would not be able to break down proteins and we would lack essential amino acids.


These essential amino acids are used by the body to make tissues, enzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters and other vital body substances.


We would also lack other important vitamins and nutrients that are bound up in dietary proteins such as B12, iron, and zinc.


The information below explains just how many amino acids your body needs.


Some of these enzymes are “essential” meaning that the body cannot produce them it can only obtain them from your diet.

You see, amino acids are the basic molecular structures that  in every living human cell.

Amino acids can be found in many protein-based foods, which I’m sure you can list off several.

Now, if amino acids are required for every living cell found in the human body, there must be something that is transporting these amino acids to the rest of the body, right?

These transporters are known as enzymes.

These transporter enzymes act as a mailman to deliver the goods to the final destination…

But, what happens when no mailman shows up in the first place?

No mail gets delivered..

And that is the same thing that is occurring in your body at this very moment..

So, until now, you may have never been brought to light on the true problem at hand. The true cycle of Fibromyalgia:

The body loses essential enzymes (protease) that properly break down proteins and transport vital amino acids to the entire body.
The presence of improperly broken down proteins are viewed as foreign and this triggers anti-bodies within the body to attack. This creates huge amounts of tissue damage and inflammation.
The body also sufferers nutritional deprivation from the inability to properly break down and metabolize dietary proteins. This leads to an absence of key hormones and neurotransmitters which cause many of the symptoms in Fibromyalgia. Think serotonin which is used indicated in sleep deprivation and depression.
You get sick with the disease known to be Fibromyalgia.
The anti-bodies within the blood continue to attack tissue as a defensive mechanism and as a result, you continue to develop unexplainable symptoms (just like I did).
Your body becomes increasingly starved of vitamins and nutrients such as essential amino acids, vitamin B12, iron, and more, leading to a worsening of the disease process.

Overcoming fibromyalgia came at a tremendous personal sacrifice for me, both physically and emotionally…

But the truth is that I wouldn’t have had to endure the years of struggles if I only had these four basic steps that I’m about to share with you.

Since my fibromyalgia began to disappear in 2001, I have been blessed to share my story with thousands of people who still suffer and whom are now healthy.

The Steps We Took
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